Make an Emma Wiggle hair bow!

Make an Emma Wiggle hair bow!

So I heard a whisper that a certain troop of marvelous musicians are coming to visit Aotearoa again? The Wiggles certainly are a household name for anyone with children and their songs have that certain knack for getting stuck on a loop in mum's head as she's going about her day. When my boys were interested in Captain Feather-sword and the gang it was an all male (human) cast so I am happy to note we now have Emma in the mix- not the least because of her fabulous taste in hair accessories!!

Now, I've already had inquiries about Yellow Bow's so here are a few ideas on making one for your own budding entertainer. I've made 3 different examples but the techniques can be used to make bigger or smaller bows using different widths of ribbon. Also obviously there is no reason to stick with yellow! You can could make any colour and if your boy doesn't want one in his hair then a distinguished Wiggle themed Bow Tie could be amazing!

1. Cut a length of ribbon which is twice as long as you want the bow to be, using a lighter to seal the ends neatly. Fold it in half and mark the centre line (a pencil works well).

2. Squeeze a thin line of hot glue just to the side of the line and bring the end over to meet the line and stick down. 

3. Repeat with the other end to make an equal sized loop on both sides as the shape for the bow.

4/5 Gather the centre evenly into fan/concertina folds. I usually start by folding in completely in half and using a tiny bit of hot glue in the very centre and pinching this closed ensuring the join seam is even, and then making one or two (depending on width of ribbon) more folds on either side of centre. You may also use a needle and thread to do this rather than glue if you prefer, or wven wrap the gathers with very fine wire to hold them together.

Note; If you want to make a double width yellow bow, 

you repeat this process exactly and then join them side by side.


 Use a narrower black ribbon to make another bow the same, and attach to the top.

7, If you are attaching to a clip or headband do that now, and then wrap the black centre ribbon right around both (back of clip- not front as well or there'll be problems later!) and glue securely and you're done!

Of course if you want to make another type of bow like the 'tied' look below, it's easy to get the Emma Bow effect by just using a narrower black ribbon for the centre.

If you are fortunate enough to be going to the concert, have a great time! If you are going to boogie at home, then have a blast too!

Cheers, Lisa.