Making a Key Fob (or as I call it a key ring with a handle!)

Making a Key Fob (or as I call it a key ring with a handle!)

So when my 6 year old randomly found our spare back door key on the lawn it occurred to me perhaps I could make some key rings which when, carried off by children or pets would be slightly easier to find! I happen to have a fairly good craft hoard and a handy wholesale supply of materials so on a whim decided to have a go.

This was what I came up with...

I cut a strip of 1.5"/38mm ribbon just over twice the length I felt a key fob should be (upon measuring it was 24cm).  Using 8mm wide double sided tape along each edge it made for a nice neat inward fold. You could just as easily use a hot glue gun or even sew it which would give a nice seam edge to the project. The 8mm seam on each side also (in a happy coincidence seeing as I didn't plan this at all!) means the snap hook slides nicely on and the 20mm fob clamp fitted perfectly- I love it when that happens!

After sealing the ends of the ribbon with a lighter I used another piece of tape to fold the ends over inward. Then I positioned the folded ends inside the fob clamp, put a piece of cardboard over the fob so my vice grips wouldn't scratch it and squashed it down. Although I didn't try it this time I think pressing the fob between a hard thing like a piece of wood and the bench could have worked as well if you don't have a tool to do the job. I then added a 25mm split ring to attach keys.

And that was it! I was actually pretty amazed at how cool it turned out for how simple a project it is. I've promised the boys they can pick the ribbon for a few more and I think they will make cute little gifts for teachers and friends.

And as a bonus- when the puppy wants to cart the keys off somewhere it provides a much better grip for him....?

Keep smiling.