DIY Bow Hair Ties

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Do you have lots of little scraps of gorgeous fabrics that you can't bring yourself to throw away??

Then you'll love this quick project for a cute bow hair tie!

Here's what you'll need:

Scraps of lightweight cotton/other fabrics (see the end of this blog for the changes I made when using a thicker fabric such as double muslin)

A hair tie, or soft nylon headband - click here for our baby nylon headbands

Scissors, pins, etc

Click here to go to Simple Simon and Co for the free downloadable pattern that I used. 

First, pin and cut out 2 pieces from your fabric.

Place the fabric right sides together, and sew around the outside, 6mm from the edge, leaving a 2-3cm gap in the narrow part of the bow, to turn it out.

Carefully turn through the bow. I didn't worry about sewing closed the opening, as it's small and will end up in the middle of the knot anyway.

Place the hair tie or nylon hairband in the middle of the bow, tie a knot around it (tighten well), and then fluff up/even up the ends!

If you want to make one using a thicker fabric, such as a double muslin/cheesecloth, you will need to make the pattern longer - so the straight part in the middle for tying the knot has more room.

As you can see below, I used the same pattern, but folded it in half, and then place 1cm off the folded edge, to add a total of 2cm extra length.

Cut 2 like this, and construct as above.


These are so simple and quick to make that you can make one in every colour!

They would also make sweet party gifts, Christmas stocking fillers, or matching bows for little friends!

Happy crafting! 

x Fiona

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