How to make a Spiky Christmas Bow

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This fun and versatile Spiky Bow is super easy to make, and can be made in every kind of ribbon for all the different celebrations throughout the year!

Today I'm using Christmas themed ribbon, as I give you some ideas of easy gifts to make now, if you're an early bird like me, and like to plan your gift giving really early!

Click here to go to our Christmas ribbon and trims, and choose a ribbon - there's lots of traditional or funky Christmas options.

For this bow, I'm using 1" wide printed grosgrain ribbon.

I'll also give you the measurements to make this with a 2" wide ribbon.

First, cut the ribbon. Cut 3 x 4.5" and 2 x 3.5" pieces of ribbon.

You'll also need a small piece of 9mm or 6mm plain ribbon for the centre (less than 10cm), and a clip - I've used a double prong alligator clip. You could also use a single prong clip, or even a covered clip!

Next, cut a triangle out of the end of each piece, as shown, and use a lighter to carefully melt the ends a little, to prevent any fraying.

Then, take the longer pieces of ribbon, and pinch the centre upwards, with the print facing up, to form a small pleat in the centre.

I use a quilting clip to hold the folded pieces, while I fold the next one! It's a bit tricky to hold them all in one go!

Once all the longer pieces are folded, clip them together to hold, and using a piece of thread, wrap around and around the centre a few times, then tie in a knot.

You can also use a needle and thread for this - just run the needle straight up the middle of all the folded pieces, in the centre of the ribbon, and then tie off.

Now, do the same with the 2 shorter pieces - fold each one and then tie together.

Place the 2 shorter pieces (now tied together) on top of the 3 longer pieces (also tied together), using a small dot of glue to hold them in place. (I use a glue gun!)

Now, you're going to attach the bow to the clip, using the thin ribbon, which will be wrapped around the center.

Start by putting a dab of glue at the back of the bow, and pressing the ribbon onto it.

Then wind around the center of the bow, and as you come back around to the back, open up the clip you are using and thread the ribbon through it, so the ribbon goes through the inside of the clip.

(Sorry, forgot to take a picture of this part!!)

Glue the top of clip (about halfway down) to the bow, over the top of the end you glued on just before. Wind the ribbon around again, and finish back in the clip again, or slightly to the side of the bow, as it will be covered when you floof up all the pieces!

This is the back of mine, before I sealed the end with a lighter, and glued the sealed end down.

That's it done!

These are really versatile - make them with wider ribbon, tonal prints, organza glitter ribbon, etc, etc.

If you want to make one with a 2" ribbon, the method is the same, but cut the lengths like this:

3 x 6" and 2 x 4.5" lengths.

Happy crafting!

Fi x

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