How to make a sweet baby flower headband!

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Perhaps you've seen beautiful photography of sweet babies wearing little flower headbands? They are super simple to make, and make such cute gifts!

Here's what you need:

A soft stretchy headband - click here for our rolled nylon baby headbands - now available in a wider range of colours! These are really soft and won't leave any marks on baby's head.

A flower or bow of your choice - The photo above use a Chiffon Lotus, and I've used a Banksia Rose in the instructions below.

1" felt circle (optional) 

Glue gun


1. Decide where to place your flower or bow.

Holding the nylon headband, unroll it until you have the fabric flat - you'll need to hold it flat or it will roll back up! 

2. Using the hot glue gun, glue on your flower or bow - the felt circle at the back of the flowers is ideal, as it makes a larger area for glue.

3. Take a felt circle, if you're using one, flip over the headband, so the flower is facing down, and glue on the felt circle on the other side of the headband to sandwich it in place. This just provides an extra layer of glue, as well as hiding any blobs of glue, or lumps visible at the back of the flower.


And you're done!

I love to present mine on a piece of pretty cardboard - this one is actually on a blank card, from the scrapbooking section of Warehouse Stationery!

Happy crafting, 

Fiona x

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