How to Make a Velvet Bow

Posted by Fiona Mossop on

Making a classic velvet hair bow is much easier than you think! 

I found that making a typical bow shape it is easier to actually tie a bow and fix it in place than construct one from more than one piece of ribbon. This double sided velvet is lovely and thick (as it should be!) but that does make it different to work with than grosgrain ribbon.

Its as easy as forming 2 loops and tying them together in a normal single knot... yes that is all! The velvet is really smooth though so it actually makes it quite slippery and you need to adjust until you are happy with the shape and then fix in place. You can either inject some glue into the knot or place a few discreet stitches to hold it. If it's going onto a headband or hair tie, simply tie the bow around the band at the beginning and it makes a tidy finish. Otherwise add a clip and you are done.

These pretty wee bows can also be added to a shoe clip to dress up a small shoe for a wedding or christening, or even as an embellishment for a dress or hat.

Here is one of mine ♦♦ Happy crafting!

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