Welcome to the Crafting Points REWARDS programme!

    ♥A little extra 'Thank You' for supporting my business!♥


Points are earned on purchases made while Logged In to your Wishcraft Account. $1 = 5 Crafting points.

800pts = $8 coupon

1500pts = $15 coupon

2500pts = $25 coupon


Points are NOT accrued on Tax/GST content, Gift Vouchers, shipping costs, discounted products/prices or other discounts.

You get 200 points immediately on signing up.

If you enter your Birth date you will receive a bonus Gift of 200 points on your Birthday!

Points DO NOT EXPIRE after they are earned.

If you Refer a Friend to sign up to the programme you EACH get a Bonus $6 coupon 

You will receive emails notifying you of your points accrued and activity on your account (make sure to add us to your safe senders list).

To REDEEM the points, simply Log In to your Wishcraft account and click on the dRewards  button (which will appear at the bottom of any product page). Click on the coupon value you wish to redeem, and it will provide you with a coupon code to enter into the store Checkout when you are completing your purchase.

Any questions- contact me here

Wishcraft reserves the right to cancel this Points programme at any time. In the event of the programme being cancelled will endeavor to honour any outstanding coupons but cannot be held responsible for any situation outside our control. Wishcraft's decision is final with regard to any aspect of this programme.