Petite 19mmSCB + 40mmSnap Clip

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**SMALLER THAN STANDARD** Perfect for finer wispy hair as they are smaller and lighter so won't fall or pull out.

40mm snap clip with a 19mm self cover button 

These clips are excellent quality, and leave plenty of room to cover with any fabric you like 

with the added security of a crimped double ended rivet.

40mm high quality snap clip with a 19mm self cover button back double riveted with a spacer in between plus button cover.

Simply choose your favourite fabric, use one of our 19mm button templates to cut the correct sized circle, and
use a SCB tool to neatly cover the button- easy peasy!
If you haven't tried this before- when you order also select one of our FREE SCB Clip tutorials.

We also have some small fabric packs ideal for covering your buttons.