SelfCoverButton + Snap Clip

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50mm high quality snap clip with a self cover button back double riveted with a spacer in between, plus button cover shell.
These clips are excellent quality, they WILL NOT COME OFF and leave plenty of room to cover with any fabric you like 
with the added security of a crimped double ended rivet.

Create your very own fabric covered button hair clips with these 2 piece metal self cover buttons. Cut your choice of fabric with a simple cutting template and then use the silicone Covering Tool to secure the fabric around the shell over the back (with or without a wire shank).

Choose the colour of the 50mm snap clip and then select either the standard 23mm size or the larger 28mm size button to display the fabric and decorate your hair!

Please note that the gold and rose gold clips have a very high manufacture cost, as I prefer the premium coating for the higher quality, so I have had to increase the price for those 2 colours.

We also stock a smaller 19mm button/40mm snap clip 'Petite' clip.

If you haven't tried this before- when you order also select one of our FREE SCB Clip tutorials.